Life lately.

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Life lately has been about finding balance. Ignoring housework, and this blog, but rocking out elsewhere. It's strange to be using a part of my brain that has been dormant for so long, it's challenging to say the least. Spare half hours are spent with a children's novel, instead of scrolling IG or Bloglovin. Evenings are spent making notes and reading textbooks, instead of lying on the floor of the boys' bedroom. I'm finally putting my foot down and insisting on Joshua putting himself to sleep, which is hard for my Mama heart but better overall. Mornings are spent ironing, or sorting the dishwasher, as I'm about a million times more productive as soon as I wake up, no matter how early! We're nailing the morning routine and are late a lot less often, which is totally an improvement on last year, even with a small child who is boycotting the pushchair! Afternoons are spent with the boys, reading books or drawing or playing builders. I had intentions today if sorting the actual mountain of washing from my bedroom floor, but we made dreamcatchers & played balloon tennis instead.
The fact I can't see my floor is barely relevant when I think about the fullness of my heart. The way the boys giggled when I played silly at the dinner table instead of nagging, THAT'S how I want to be, always.


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