I am loving hot bubble baths, white wine and 'Suits', which my brother has started me on. Perfect evening after a hectic day. Daniel is loving being back with all his friends, our library books and his new Spider-Man t-shirt. Joshua is loving his Nanny, especially after she took him on a bus and to get chips for lunch today! 
I am craving an iced frappe, or any kind of sweet coffee really, as we were out of milk this morning and I had to go without. Sad face. 
The boys have been pretty demanding the last couple of days. This whole new routine is pretty overwhelming for us all, and despite being super tired all afternoon they are still waking at the crack of dawn. Silly sausages. 
Joshua has been questioning, every single day, whether he is going to preschool yet. Daniel started full time school yesterday (hold me.) but he doesn't start until next week. 
Worrying about all sorts of ridiculous things, at ridiculous times. I wish my brain would realise I am not going to be at all productive about anything at 1am. 

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