Big School.


My sweet little four-year-old is now in his third week of Primary School. I am in typical Mama 'I can't believe this, he's my baby!" mode, spending hours on end wondering how on earth all this time has slipped through my fingers. He is absolutely thriving though, and is having so much fun it almost makes it okay. Almost. 
We had been counting down the days, since his transfer day in July he has been begging to go back to "big school". We had been to ASDA to stock up on new polo shirts, smart grey trousers and Spider-Man shoes. I'm fairly sure the Spider-Man shoes made up about 45% of his excitement! kiddo is obsessed with superheroes right now. He got himself dressed, asking for help with his collar and a wild-goose-hunt for pants (my main super-housewife fail is putting washing away, there are always piles and wash baskets full dotted around the house) Daddy used his special hair wax to make him look super-cool, and he packed his school bag. A giant superhero emblazoned satchel, nearly the size of him, that he just had to have, because it was 'just like Uncle Connor's!' He pretty much strutted to school, holding hands with Daddy who got a late pass to work for such a special occasion, which Daniel was ecstatic about. I followed along behind, camera in hand, mama-razzi in her element. Little monster was a little too overexcited for portraits, but these work fine. Perfect, actually. When we got to his classroom, he found his peg with his name on it and settled down to play cars, just like that. I walked out with a knot in my chest, at the realisation that I had just handed my baby over for the whole day and he was totally okay without me. Bittersweet, just like every other moment in my parenting career. 
He now spends his days playing superheroes, eating school lunches (much to my surprise), having music lessons and playing in the garden. They must be his favourite things because that's all he ever tells me, once he manages to string a sentence together from pure exhaustion that is. 
"There are two things we should give our children; one is roots, and the other is wings" William Hodding Carter, II (1907 – 1972)


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