Searching for home office inspiration from Pinterest. We have the spare room allocated for me to work in when I start my teacher training in September, which is creeping closer and closer. I can't quite decide whether I prefer the simple, organised look or ALL THE CUTE THINGS!!
Wearing jeans and jumpers, so long summer. It seems our crazy heatwave is over, just in time for our holiday, of course. I'm not quite excited for layers, hot chocolates and boots yet but it could be worse.
Needing to return our library books and get a couple of (hopeful) reads for next week. I'm trying to broaden my reading so, any suggestions?
Moving books back to the shelf, shoes back to the rack, clothes into drawers, plates back into cupboards, multiple times a day. I feel like I'm chasing my tail with this tidying business, it's not much fun.
Eating all the fruit. It appears I spent most of our weekly food budget on delicious things (cherries, mangoes, strawberries, raspberries) and forgot all the actual essentials like bread and milk. Fail. Searching for alternative lunch ideas too!

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  1. You look lovely and summery! That colour is gorgeous on you! I'm also currently searching pinterest for office ideas...i usually end up looking at clothes and hairstyles!lol Also going through a big "Simplify" clean, getting rid of all the clutter and unnecessary things in our home because i'm also sick of the constant picking up! I can never figure out how we accumulate so much stuff!