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 memories with my boys this summer, now it has officially begun. Our Summer Bucket List plans are in full swing, and we've got grand plans for the rest of this week. 
 as little as possible. I'm trying to avoid using the oven because it's just too darn hot. I foresee a few BBQ's in our future.
 all the coffeez. The boys aren't sleeping well in this heat, and I'm struggling too, which means I'm running on empty. 
Eating: in the garden, as often as we can. 
 nothing, but I got a letter from University earlier suggesting I should read a wider range of books to prepare for September so please, recommend me your favourites! 
Playing: bubbles, football, at the park, with our food, out in the block with the neighbours, catch & with water at every available opportunity. 
Drawing: very little, unless stick men count, but I'm feeling the itch. My art supplies are in the garage but I'm determined to find them a new home in the "office" I plan on repurposing the spare/junk room into this summer. 
 there to be more hours in the day (night) so I can just sleeeep. I should be asleep right now but I'm determined to finish this first. 
Wearing: workout clothes first thing in the morning as part of my plan to exercise every day. I figure if I decide not to get dressed until it's done then I'll be more likely to do it. Or I'll just stay in my workout clothes all day, which is better than pyjamas...
 for new ways to do my hair, and ways to mix patterns on Pinterest. 
 too much time on my phone, I'm going to just put it on loud and on the kitchen table tomorrow, only reaching for it when necessary. Promise. 
 iced drinks, fresh fruit & making lists. 
 that the boys both sleep well tonight, and late tomorrow. I can dream right? 
 at how different two brothers can be. 
Teaching: Daniel how to write his alphabet, and Joshua to ride the balance bike this summer. Practice, practice, practice. I'm going to encourage Daniel to keep reading too, whenever we get the chance. 

Inspired by the beautiful Danielle.


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