Our Week.

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I would definitely call the first (half) week of our summer holidays a success! Monday and Tuesday were spent at work, clearing classrooms and sorting books. I got thoroughly spilt by my colleagues and the children, enough chocolate to last me a good while, stationary and even fake tan! They know me well. Wednesday we went to see my Nana, and some visiting birds - Joshua got to stroke an owl! We busted out the sprinkler too! I wasn't feeling so good, just a rubbish virus I think, but my wonderful cousin came to watch the boys so I could have a nap which made me feel a load better. Thursday we scooted to the library to get some books and played at the park before lunch. I had to go to Reading to take my QTS tests (which I passed, woohoo!) I got the train with some friends and even popped into H&M with a birthday voucher so despite the tests it was a right treat! Another win for our softball team too, fourth in a row, best day ever. I looked after Daniel's friend both days too, they all play so nicely together I managed a totally uninterrupted shower, to paint my nails, shape my eyebrows and even eat my breakfast in total peace! Friday included a Starbucks date with my littles, another park trip, a visit from Auntie Danica & some one on one time with Joshua while his big brother went to the driving range with his Daddy. Yesterday we had a family photo session in the most beautiful wood with our wedding photographer, naps all round and a BBQ at my parents'. We went swimming this morning with the boys' Nana, and a birthday party this afternoon for my friend's little girl who will be two on Tuesday. Happy Birthday Soph! We've ended all that fun with a family movie night, Frozen of course, and a cheeky late night for the boys. We are off to a good start.

Writing a million to-dos, for the summer, this week, tomorrow, you name it. Determined to make the most out of my time at home - tidying and clearing, making and baking - and finally get some things done that I've been meaning to forever. Like sorting photos, paperwork and organising the spare room. Lists are my jam. 



  1. I'm writing a list right now ;-p

  2. What a lovely week! Beautiful photos too :)

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx