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It isn't even 9pm and I am in bed, that's the kind of week we've had. I'm not even complaining (well, except about the fact my littlest had me up at 5am this morning!) because we have had so much fun. Swimming, parks, picnics, friends and family, & LOTS of good food. Today alone, since 11am I have eaten two doughnuts, a McDonalds meal and two BBQs. And the hugest piece of chocolate cake. I am SO full but so happy, haha.

Have I mentioned before that summer is my favourite?! All these late nights are catching up with us though, our sleep patterns are pretty messed up. I'm going to sleep ASAP and setting an alarm for 6:30am. Hoping to get into a routine of early nights and early mornings, maybe even fitting in a quick workout because I literally felt awesome for the week I actually did that for. 

Thinking totally positive and excited for this coming week. We didn't get a chance to go strawberry picking last week so we're going tomorrow, then my parents go away again so I'm juggling the boys around with babysitters for work and softball, thankful to have a sweet handful of people who I trust with the boys. It's my birthday this week too, woohoo! The weather isn't supposed to be great so a lot of crafts and sensory play is going to happen, and some birthday baking! Hopefully we're going to the beach at the weekend too! Happy Mama. 


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