Managing an adventure a day! A trip to the paddling pool, a visit to Grandma's, a park dinner-picnic and strawberry picking this week. ALL THE VITAMIN D! My house looks like a bomb site though...

Missing my big ole preggo belly & tiny little baby. So many beautiful women on my IG feed on this journey and I am SO clucky! 

Thinking about tomorrow. About whether to try and repurpose an old too-short dress into a skirt. About coffee, already (I'm SO tired but couldn't sleep because of the heat, and as soon as I started to fall asleep Daniel came bursting in, so I'm now sat on his floor...) About cookies. About the trashy TV I'll watch tomorrow night while Colin's out. About blog posts I want to write.  My brain goes at 100 miles an hour when I'm supposed to be sleeping.

Creating new outfits from the various daily style challenges I'm following on Instagram! Combining colours and patterns that I wouldn't usually dare, all because of multiple prompts. I'm pretty much sucking at taking pictures but I am definitely getting more creative. 

Looking forward to the summer holidays. Less than three weeks to go! Everyone's feeling run down and exhausted, we are all so ready for the school year to end! 

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  1. I love those weeks when the hose suffers because it's too nice to be inside. Make the most of it will rain soon enough!