Catch the Moment 365. Week Twenty Six.

176. ONE chocolate biscuit. Just one. 

177. He will sit and dig in the sandpit for hours.

178. Water balloons!! Colin threw one at me in the shower, but the rest went on the floor.

179. Those baby blues. His hair is lightening up too. 

180. My little footballer is obsessed with the seesaw we finally got out of the garage. Thanks Uncle Connor! 

181. A lot of every day moments, and face close ups this week. The only one that wasn't blurry. 

182. Those eyes, that expression, and that lighting. I just love this. 

Getting my groove back this week. A lot of the shots I took looked quite similar though. Next week's aim is to step outside of the box a little, and experiment with the settings on my camera. I learnt so much and then got lazy. I'm going to pad out my [currently empty] changing bag and take my camera out with me too, which will open up a whole new world for me. Thinking positive. 

Nurse Loves Farmer


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