Catch the Moment 365. Week Twenty Nine.

197. Forever blowing bubbles. Anyone have any top tips for capturing these?! 

198. "HOO!" ("Hello!)

199. The sprinkler only worked for about three seconds before squirting water all over the kitchen instead, but he loved it and has been carrying around that sprayer since.

200. These three are my favourites. They spent all evening play fighting in the garden and it warmed my heart so much.

201. Ready to go "really really igh!" 

202. Dining in the garden, on a warm summer evening that ended with cake. Perfect.

203. Last day of school, thank you gifts from my wonderful team. 

Back in the game this week, even trying out my [little] knowledge of manual settings! It's inspiring my blogging too, which is awesome. I've been stuck in a rut for a couple of weeks, whiling my little free time away watching reality TV shows and eating chocolate - minimal effort tasks y'know?! I'm going back to my evening schedule, just having a day or two to blog a week in the hopes that I can carve out some me time & some couple time with Colin into our busy schedules. Fingers crossed! 

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