Catch the Moment 365. Week Twenty-two.

148. They played in this puddle for at least fifteen minutes! Making the most of the rain. 

149. That smile!! My gorgeous little godson.

150. One on one time with the littlest involved a giant bubble bath and lots of giggles. 

151. Always picking flowers for Mama, such a sweet soul. 

152. So. Much. Fun. The laughter could be heard for miles. Colin is researching for our own. 

153. Sleeping beauty. We've shared a few sneaky naps this week, which I have loved.

154. Playing with bath letters and spelling his own name, such a cleverclogs! 

A massive fail with big camera pictures this week, womp womp. I'm going to blame the fact we haven't been at home much, we've been at my Mum's or Nan's or out and about quite a bit and I need to work on remembering to take my camera out with me. I can't decide whether downsizing the changing bag and not needing the pushchair as much is going to help with that or not. Side note, I'm on the hunt for a cheap stroller, since ours broke this week, if you have any suggestions?! Preferably something light, with a decent sized basket, and easy to push. I don't want to spend a fortune because we could go without but every journey would take triple the time, plus we do have a lot of extra baggage (football, potty, towels, clothes for any weather, you know) 

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