Ten on ten. May 2014.


A Saturday this month, how fun! Colin worked all day and I was exhausted from being woken at 5am by a small person, so we kept busy. The weather was bipolar, glorious sunshine one minute, heavy rain the next. Pancakes for breakfast, I like to do a big family breakfast at the weekend, something a little special. I busted out some sensory play while I got ready, construction style, which the boys loved and went back to repeatedly. We walked/rode to see my Nana June who lives in a care home, the boys made friends with a giant white dog called Jasmine, and sweet talked biscuits off the carers. We had brunch for lunch at my parents' (though I avoided another food picture) and all had naps - albeit, not at the same time. I let Daniel watch Land Before Time while Joshua and I dozed, only to find him asleep on the sofa when I came down from collecting J. We're in a vicious catch 22 with sleeping at the moment, He was seriously grumpy so he napped yesterday and then he was awake until 10pm, up at the crack of dawn and then falling asleep this afternoon. He was too sweet to wake though and thankfully he went down okay tonight so fingers crossed. We played with Lego and wooden animals all afternoon, starting with a zoo and finishing building towers, of course. Check out that bed head on Daniel, he plays with his hair when he's tired. Family pizza night went undocumented, but I couldn't resist this grainy picture of Colin reading to Daniel, they were both talking about monster trucks and racing cars so animatedly but my camera wasn't playing ball. It was literally the perfect Saturday with my littles, feeling ever so grateful. 

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  2. Beautiful pictures. I look forward to your posts :)