Our Week/ly Wishes.

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01. To be productive. We're off on half term and I have a bunch of fun to end our dinosaur unit & to start our 'E' week, focusing on elephants and jungle animals. Last week we excavated dinosaurs from the sand, went to the library for books, made pictures with our Melissa & Doug dinosaur stamps. I also want to have a little spring clean and a sort out of the toys, and actually get rid of them this time so I can finish the spare room. 

02. To make healthy food choices. I've been home for two days and have eaten enough biscuits and cake to feed a small army, because when I'm at home the food is just there and I pick. I had to go to bed early last night because I had a headache, probably because of the crap I ate, and I don't want that happening again! This includes drinking at least a jug of water a day, though preferably fruit infused. 

03. To communicate more online. Leaving comments on blogs, Instagram and replying to tweets, just making more effort in general within this amazing community. 

04. To be more patient with the boys. To spent more time playing with them and to switch off a little more, less TV, less iPhones, more fun! These goals are all fairly lofty, but how will I ever improve myself without them. In an ideal world all of this would already be happening, but I have to start somewhere right?! 

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  1. I need to add productivity to my weekly wishes too. haha. Good luck!