Our Week.

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001. Last week we made a guest list for the wedding, I ran 5k, built a shed, went to football practice, slept terribly and read A LOT of books. We've been having quiet time in the afternoon while Joshua naps, often resulting in naps for Mama too! 

002. I deleted my Facebook app. I was getting so sick of checking it so often and finding out pointless information, like what someone I went to school with was having for lunch or who someone's ex girlfriend was fighting with. I still have it on my iPad for actual social purposes but it means I hardly ever check it, which can only be a good thing. I'm making a conscious effort to switch off more, and keep the boys and I busy. 

003. This week I went to a softball practice. This was so far out of my comfort zone - sport is not my forte and I tend to shy away from new things. That being said, I had so much fun! I even played a game the next evening because they were lacking in girls. I struck out three times but am trying not to take it to heart. My Dad is a coach and is being really supportive so that's a definite plus, and the other girls I play with are fun - there are three young Mamas on our team, isn't that cool?! 

004. We're trying out the Organix #nojunkchallenge this week to try and encourage some new healthy eating habits, and get the boys more involved in the kitchen. We're only really doing dinners since breakfast is such a rush in the mornings and the boys eat lunch at my Mum's, but I'm excited for our meal plan this week. 
Monday - Baked chicken and homemade potato wedges.
Tuesday - Pork and apple burgers, homemade buns and salad. 
Wednesday - Dinner at my Mum's. 
Thursday - Chicken skewers and herby couscous.
Friday - Meatballs and pasta.
Saturday - Baked fish and homemade chips.
Monday - Pasta and homemade focus bread. 


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