Fashion Friday.

Dress, H&M // Socks, Tesco // Booties, Primark. 

This dress was advertised as a top, I didn't realise it was quite as long as it is when I bought it. It's totally chiffon, as well as being quite short for a dress, so a skirt underneath is a necessity. Usually I wear a black dress but I think the grey makes the look a little softer. I've been wanting to try the booties and skirt trend for a while, and I even got some cute mint ankle socks in too. This was a little out of my comfort zone but I actually really liked how it looked. I've been experimenting a little with my hair too, and this fishtail braid is so quick and easy, and looks so pretty so it's obviously a new fave. 

This fun 'What's on Your...' meme is from the wonderful Julie's blog, Director Jewels

Dresser | Pretty much just a big mess. Our room is just the dumping ground and always gets forgotten, so my dresser is just a pile of makeup, jewellery, books and other knick-knacks. 

Perennial To Do List | Spring cleaning and printing photographs. I've got a lovely photo frame a friend got me for Christmas, that I've just out in 'the cupboard' because it's been sat gathering dust for so long. Joshua's birthday is a pretty good reason though, so there is still hope. Reorganising the 'office' too, which really needs to be done this summer as I'll actually need to use it come September. 

Refrigerator Shelves | Cheese, yogurt, leftover Mexican beans, various bread products, an abundance of fruit and vegetables, various Quorn products and a lot of Diet Coke. 

Itinerary | For the weekend? Bridesmaid dress shopping, an anniversary party, a friend's birthday BBQ, Daniel's friend's birthday BBQ, & my Daddy's birthday. We're off school next week too so I need to sort out some plans before we waste the week being lazy! 

Fantasy Itinerary | A family holiday somewhere hot, with a beautiful sandy beach and maybe some palm trees. And cocktails, of course. 

Playlist | I just made a Spotify playlist of summer time classics, which we jammed and cleaned to this afternoon. It almost made me forget it was raining! 

Nightstand | A broken lamp, headbands, books, a notebook & a bottle of water. 

Workout Plan | Hmm. We are running the Pretty Muddy 5k next weekend and I haven't got in as much training as I would have liked. I've been going to softball training and have been feeling the classic mom guilt at leaving the boys so I've been reluctant to go running too. Might try a practice run on Monday and see how I go. 

Phone | Hundreds of lists. Thousands of photographs. So many I'm running out of storage. A couple of apps for the boys, a couple of fitness apps, a couple of social media apps and a couple of photo editing apps. 

Top 5 List | Film nights. Fruit infused water. Unprompted hugs and biiig kisses from my boys. Half term! Lazy, rainy afternoons. 

Bucket List | I wrote our Summer Bucket List just the other day. I'll share it soon! 

Mind | Wedding plans. Money worries, after something went wrong with Colin's car. To do lists. Shopping lists. Meal planning. Joshua's birthday. 

Blogroll | Bloglovin' is literally my favourite thing. It means I can read two blog posts when I get five minutes, or while away hours! I followed a few more suggested blogs earlier too, I'm a sucker for a blog with beautiful photographs. 

Walls of Your Favorite Room in Your House | Our living room, baby photographs of Daniel, hard to believe he was ever that tiny! 

Last Credit Card Statement | I don't even have a credit card! 

Screensaver | The boys' most recent school photo, they look so young compared to now! 

TV Every Night | 24, or more recently Harry Potter. 

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  1. Our room is the one that always gets forgotten too...just open the door and toss things in, then never deal with them. Such a mess all the time! Thanks for playing along! :)