Feeling all the feels. I'm a little over emotional right now, due to a lack of sleep. My little boy will be two so, so soon and my Godson is growing so quickly, it's making me broody! I would have so many children, so it is a good idea to wait a few years before we're overrun (ha!) but it's heartbreaking too! We're in a really good place right now, I feel I have a good balance between work and home, the boys and housework, and Colin too. I'm getting out of the house a little more, alone, to play softball and spend time with the girls. It's good for my soul, something which I haven't realised I even need before. I'm feeling really happy. 

Questioning how far to go with the theme for Joshua's birthday. In my head I was thinking a mega simple digger party, but I started browsing Pinterest and now I want to do ALL THE THINGS. I'm seriously considering trying to raid a construction site to see what I can pick up for decor!! 

Longing to find the perfect bridesmaids dresses, for the perfect price. Wishful thinking right?! I'm after a long, possibly Grecian style maxi dress, in blush/light pink. It was easier than we thought to find a dress that suited everyone, because my lovelies are all different sizes, which is good. The one we really liked was waay out of our price range so now we're on a mission to find something similar. 

Watching Teen Mom 3, absolutely heartbreaking but I still love it. It's finished now though, I'm going to have to scour Netflix for a new series to watch, any suggestions?!

Moving jelly beans to my mouth. Actually, I've been moving and reorganising toys and stuff, trying to declutter a little. I do like a little clutter, I feel it makes our place look homely but it was getting extreme. Pretty, organised clutter is preferable. 

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  1. I'm not sure if its anything similar to what you've seen but New Look are doing a maxi 'prom' dress that comes in pastel colours that you can fasten and style 15 different ways and I'm certain there are a few Grecian style options :-) x