Sitting here, looking out at the grey skies & listening to a country music playlist. Country is my go-to chill out music at the moment, my Daddy always liked country music so I think it's in my blood. 
Eating our pizza leftovers from Colin's Birthday takeaway last night, so delicious. Wrapped in my favourite cosy blanket, because I'm always cold, & Daniel just wants to copy me so he's playing on his Leappad. I don't usually blog during the day but I'm lacking in energy today & saving it for when there are two little people to entertain. Joshua is sleeping upstairs, though for how long is anyone's guess. His sleeping is nothing short of rubbish at the moment, though hopefully Nanny tired him out enough at Toddlers this morning to get a good nap. I blitzed the house yesterday so I don't have to worry about that today, except the bomb site that is our master bedroom. 
Thinking about treating us to some new, white, bedding when I order the boys' new pirate ones, and getting some gold dot wall decals for a feature wall above our bed. I was up for an hour or so in the night planning this, and could definitely do with a little shut eye right now. 
Contemplating getting up and making some blue, glittery playdough in a minute, for this afternoon, though I'm hoping my lack of cream of tartar won't be a huge problem. 
Thinking a lot about the direction of this blog, and whether I want to shift my focus from absolutely everything to something more specific. I think I've decided to just share what I love, and focus on my writing more than the subject. 
The rain is pouring again outside, and Daniel is shouting "Yo ho ho!" & counting along with Jake. Texting with Colin and smiling because it makes me happy just to see his name pop up on my phone even after so long. 
Remembering the little things, because they are the things I will miss when the boys are grown, which seems to be happening faster than I'm willing to believe. 



  1. I have 3 boys and they do grow so very fast. Enjoy every moment with them, because before you know it, you will be like me, and having one in high school getting ready to learn how to drive. You should always have down time, I don't always get to, but when I do I enjoy it. Tiffany

  2. Oooh, good luck with the white bedding. We had some that wasn't even 100% white and I don't think it lasted two weeks!