Catch the Moment 365. Week Eighteen.

120. Sunny day selfies, funny faces obligatory. 

121. Lego, always with the Lego. Don't mind his mismatched outfit, I've been slacking a little on the washing.

122. Making wishes with dandelions. Joshua's new favourite thing. Daniel will pick them and give them to him too, which is extra sweet.

123. Babies in hats are my favourites. He chose this one himself, though even I was a but skeptical about the sun. We all soon ended up in shorts and t-shirts, yay!

124. I just love the outfit Joshua has on here. He loves to make a big pile of bubbles and then stomp on them! 

125. The boys fell asleep on the way to our picnic, so we made the most of the quiet time and made a preliminary wedding guest list! 

126. Concentrating so hard, getting the glue off his hands after crafting. 

I am exhausted tonight after my first ever softball practice, and I've agreed to play again tomorrow! Things are crazy busy this week, we've barely been at home the last couple of days! Enjoying every minute though! 

Nurse Loves Farmer


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  1. What wonderful pictures! I love how exciting it is to be in the yard again after the cold season. And mismatched babies playing with bubbles and wearing random hats... it doesn't get better :)