17 & 18/52.

All dressed up for a friend's vow renewal. A beautiful service, and the boys were total angels (armed with lollipops!) Picture c/o Colin. 

Piggy back rides with, probably, our favourite lady on the planet. I can't even begin to describe the bond the boys have with their Nanny, it's incredible. 

I almost gave up on this project just now. Not entirely, just to shift my focus to pictures of the boys together instead of with me. I've been feeling uninspired with our family photos, I keep forgetting to ask anyone to take them for me, and we always seem to be doing the same things when I think about it and I don't want it getting repetitive. I want this project to document the boys' growth, and though I do think it is important to get in pictures with them, I am always reluctant to unless it's a selfie, so I have more control over the outcome I guess. I'm always scrounging around for a picture, which is way off from the point of this project. I think, from next week, I will just be posting pictures of the boys. I had to share these two because they are too sweet. I'm excited to document the bond between these brothers, and to work on my photography skills. I am hoping this will inspire me to capture more of the little moments, with my camera too. 

"A portrait of my family, once a week, every week, in 2014."
Inspired by the wonderful Jodi, from Practising Simplicity


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