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My creation

I am officially the mother to a four year old. We had an awesome weekend celebrating, little man got well and truly spoilt! I took a million pictures on my camera so I'll share those this week. We now have an abundance of new toys, and we're planning a trip to Toys'R'Us/the Disney Store this week to spend his birthday money. He got a mini set of golf clubs too, so we took him to the driving range which was the most adorable thing I have ever seen. We also went to the zoo on Friday, which was AWESOME. We had so much fun, I am literally beaming just thinking about it! 

Colin's off this week so we have a bunch of fun stuff to do, everything's more fun with Daddy around! The weather is supposed to be beautiful too so I'm excited! Easter crafts galore, bike rides & picnics are on the agenda! 

I suuuucked with my weekly wishes last week. We had a crazy busy/stressful/exciting week so I'll blame that. I can't decide whether to keep going with it, because I was definitely motivated the first week but I feel my goals will be the same every week, which is a bit boring. 

I RAN! I actually ran! 4.78km, in just over half an hour. That might not seem very far to some (particularly with the London Marathon runners around!) but I'm really pleased. I don't even feel sore today for it, which is surprising because I ran for a longer time that I have in a long time! With Colin off I plan on going a few times this week, I really enjoyed myself! 


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  1. That's a long run! Well done you! Gorgeous photos :)

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx