Our Week.

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& My weekly wishes, joining a whole bunch of inspirational and motivating ladies. 

Last week's wishes. 
01. Drink four glasses of water a day. 
I think I managed three a day, which is a vast improvement on my usual intake. 

02. Run 5k.
Bugger. I WILL go tomorrow. 

03. Deep clean the whole house.
I managed a few rooms, the rest is on the plan for this week - Daniel's birthday party is on Saturday so it will be spotless by then! 

04. Two date nights.
We went on a proper date night, out to dinner, which was lovely! We've also been catching up on The Voice so we've spent a few nights snuggled up, actually talking about that. I'll take that as a win. 

05. Comment on 20 blogs. 
I absolutely did this! I used mini eggs to help me keep track, so that helped. 

This week's wishes. 
01. Exercise every day. 
This seems like a mad goal, because I haven't exercised in way too long, but while I'm at home all day I can definitely manage half hour in between making snacks, building giant towers and wiping bottoms. I have high hopes. 

02. Get organised for Daniel's party.
... so I'm not rushing around like a headless chicken at 6am on Saturday morning. Prepping food, decorating and wrapping included. 

03. Drink four glasses of water a day and make healthy snack choices.
I can imagine that I'll be reaching for the snack drawer more often while I'm at home, so I'm planning on prepping some healthy snacks when the shopping comes to keep on hand. 

04. Make the most of nap times. 
Some one on one time with Daniel, as well as some quiet time for us both, is definitely needed. Some learning time, as I've been a real slacker with him. I'm also hoping to have Joshua sleep in his own bed every day, bar a couple of excursions. 

05. Potty train Joshua. 
No nappies. Except for nighttime. Bribery with chocolate buttons. Hardcore. As above, bar a couple of necessary excursions. I'm going to order some pull-ups to try, as getting his big ole nappies off isn't easy, fingers crossed he doesn't react to them. 

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  1. Started potty training today using pull-ups and mini egg bribery... I don't know if I have the patience but I know it will be worth it! Finding it very tough to start with. Time will tell I suppose!

  2. I laughed at you saying you used mini eggs to get through blog commenting...sounds like a fab plan to me.
    Good luck with the potty training x

  3. Busby loves Dear Zoo! Great book :) I could do with some of those mini eggs now ;)

    Thanks so much for linking up to #TWTWC xx