Fashion Friday.

I took advantage of the nice weather earlier this week, which I am now seriously missing. Go away clouds! I've never paired a crop top with a high waist before but I really love it. I bought this t-shirt just after I had Joshua, but barely ever wear it because of the length. Hopefully that will change now! Polka dots are a definite favourite. 

Five little things that made me smile today.

01. Daniel offering to hug me and hold my hand when he noticed I was sad. Such a sweet, thoughtful boy. 

02. Joshua's insane laughter as he kept getting knocked backwards onto the bed while having a pillow fight with his Daddy. 

03. Hearing an excellent school report for Daniel - he's exceeding his targets in his social and language development, and meeting his targets for physical development. His teacher is really pleased with his growing confidence and that he is making some good friendships. 

04. I got so many mini eggs from my generous friends at work today. Best day ever. 

05. Colin detouring on the way home to buy me wine. He's definitely a keeper. 


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