Catch the Moment 365. Week Thirteen.

084. I've started a little informal home pre-school with the boys, focusing on a letter, shape and colour each week. Here they are using red to colour a square, and draw their own squares. It's so sweet to see them both working together. 

085. Some bunny slept until 8am. This is unheard of! 

086. Tickle fights with Daddy. 

087. Joshua LOVES to play peekaboo, it's adorable. 

088. Helping Nanny blow out her candles on her (New York inspired) taxi cake! Happy Birthday Nanny! 

089. Playing in a picnic basket, of course. They had put ALL of their toys in, and both climbed in too! 

090. Little poser wanting in on the action after taking some outfit shots for Mama. 

I can't believe we're a quarter of the way through this project! I'm so proud of myself for getting this far, taking a photo everyday. I think my photography is improving a little too, which makes me pretty happy! Granted, there have been a few iPhone shots along the way, but I'll allow myself that as sometimes it's the best way to capture our real life. I'm actually going to talk about iphoneography for my five minute teaching task for my interview tomorrow! I finally got round to taking some practice shots for the shutter speed challenge, but the higher the number the darker my pictures got, until it was just pitch black. It was late and the lighting wasn't the best, but I don't understand why that would be happening! 
Thank you all, lovely ladies,  for your wonderful comments here every week! I really do appreciate them, they always put a smile on my face! 

Nurse Loves Farmer



  1. What great photos! The tickle fight with Daddy is just precious. So is the peek-a-boo!!

  2. Tickle fight with Daddy has to be my favorite! Or maybe Little poser! I can't decide! But great shots this week!

  3. Love your little preschool!

  4. These are great pictures!!!! AWESOME!