Catch the Moment 365. Week Sixteen.

106. I just love how happy Daniel looks in this, apologies if you've seen in before. Green grass, blue skies and big smiles, perfection. 

107. Suspense as Daddy struggles to open yet another toy. A "hula hoop" ramp from Uncle Connor, one of his favourites. 

108. Dancing with Daddy on our breakfast date. Those poached eggs, mmmmm! 

109. Post nap Peppa Pig cuddles in Mama's bed. We had the most glorious two hour nap together.

110. A very pensive Joshua Reg in his Easter best. Babies in bow ties just slay me. 

111. I'm not sure exactly when Joshua started sitting still long enough to listen to a whole story, but it's now one of his favourite things to do. He demands "Ree! Ree!" & it's ridiculously cute. 

112. Real life. Playing cars at Nanny's with my cousin Caitlin. The boys adore her. 

I have literally had the best evening. All my boys were asleep so I snuggled up in bed with my laptop, a Lindt bunny and Made in Chelsea. Watching trashy TV and looking through all my pictures (& backing up my iPhone, again!) is like heaven. I thought Joshua was going to feature a lot this week but Daniel has managed to squeeze in a few, thankfully. I don't ever really set out with an intention of what to photograph, I just grab my camera when I feel like it, so I'm surprised I've managed to keep the subjects pretty even. Daddy made some appearances this week too, which rarely happens as he works so much, so yay. Still coming down from the Easter holiday high and settling back into our routine, the house is a bomb site after a lazy/busy week so I'm slowly getting back into my groove. 

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