Catch the Moment 365. Week Seventeen.

113. A cheeky grin, eating a chocolate lollipop as a reward for using the big toilet!! I'm such a Mom.

114. The awestruck face of a kid who really, really loves bubbles.

115. Wrestling with Grandad, I love the bond they have!! 

116. Mama and her gorgeous boys, all dressed up for a wedding (which we got absolutely soaked on the way to, which explains the hair!) 

117. All tiggered out, even after refusing a nap earlier in the afternoon. 

118. Shoes on the wrong feet, in the late afternoon sun, with his two bestie's - Henry Hugglemonster and puppy. 

119. Butterfly foot printing, I just love the colours in this.

It's Colin's birthday today, HAPPY BIRTHDAY COLIN!! I think I'm going to try something new and write a list (I am Queen of the lists!) of ideas to shoot this week. I'm only grabbing my camera to take a shot for the day, which is a little disappointing really, especially as I don't always remember! I'm also hoping to restart the photography course I signed up for a while ago - this morning a friend suggested I take a course because I was good, which boosted my confidence a lot! 

Nurse Loves Farmer



  1. The bubble shot is so fun.
    Wrestling with Granddad is just precious!
    Love the colors for the butterfly picture too - how did it turn out?