Catch the Moment 365. Week Fourteen.

092. Kiddo mastered riding up hills on his big boy bike this week! Next week, sans stabilisers!! Wish us luck! 

093. After a long, important day at my interview, all I wanted to do was snuggle with my boys and watch a film. My favourite way to de-stress. 

094. Hot chocolates are a familiar sight 'round here, topped with whipped cream and sprinkles is best! A little more home schooling, thinking about the letter A. 

095. The loooooongest walk of my life, but oh so cute! Love that he wants to be just like his brother. 

096. Our Pirate morning, arrrgh!! We dressed as pirates, sailed across the Neversea (a blue blanket) in our ship Bucky (my washing basket) and ate like buccaneers! 

097. My lovely godson and his yummy mummy came to visit, and I just love this shot of them. Pure joy. 

098. I walked into the room to see this, and almost died from the cute. He loves his noisy books, and I love that he can interact with them independently! 

I just confused myself into oblivion with the number here. I was thinking about day 100 being tomorrow, and granted the fact I only upload pictures from Wednesday-Tuesday so I'm a day behind that here, but I was still only up to photo 098 with today. Major panic, and searching through all the photos I have saved (I have a folder on my laptop with all the pictures together and numbered, to make it easier to make into a photo book at the end of this project) to realise I made the mistake in the middle of March! Unfortunately I had JUST deleted all the photos off my camera so I had to make to with another iPhone shot, but that's just a drop on the ocean. I'm just happy to have everything sorted so soon, imagine if I hadn't realised 'till December! 


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  1. I love your pirates in the laundry basket. Just made me smile!