Catch the Moment 365. Week Seventeen.

113. A cheeky grin, eating a chocolate lollipop as a reward for using the big toilet!! I'm such a Mom.

114. The awestruck face of a kid who really, really loves bubbles.

115. Wrestling with Grandad, I love the bond they have!! 

116. Mama and her gorgeous boys, all dressed up for a wedding (which we got absolutely soaked on the way to, which explains the hair!) 

117. All tiggered out, even after refusing a nap earlier in the afternoon. 

118. Shoes on the wrong feet, in the late afternoon sun, with his two bestie's - Henry Hugglemonster and puppy. 

119. Butterfly foot printing, I just love the colours in this.

It's Colin's birthday today, HAPPY BIRTHDAY COLIN!! I think I'm going to try something new and write a list (I am Queen of the lists!) of ideas to shoot this week. I'm only grabbing my camera to take a shot for the day, which is a little disappointing really, especially as I don't always remember! I'm also hoping to restart the photography course I signed up for a while ago - this morning a friend suggested I take a course because I was good, which boosted my confidence a lot! 

Nurse Loves Farmer



Catch the Moment 365. Shutter Speed Challenge.

1/320 f/3.1 ISO64
1/320 f/4.9 ISO250
1/320 f/4.9 ISO320
1/320 f/5 ISO200
1/1600 f/4.8 ISO500
1/800 f/4.8 ISO250
1/320 f/4.8 ISO80
1/200 f/12 ISO400
1/125 f/12 ISO250
1/40 f/12 ISO64
1/320 f/12 ISO400
1/320 f/4 ISO100

Playing with shutter speed. Again, the wonderful Mindi made us a tutorial and set us a little challenge and, again, I am late completing it. Better late than never though right?! I think I'm finally getting the hang of it, after not knowing what setting my camera needed to be on, then trying to take pictures in the evening and everything coming out black. I've been playing around a lot since these, and I think I'm getting better! Can't wait to learn the next step!



Our Week.

My creation

001. Phew. This week has been absolute madness. Finding our feet (again) with our school/work routine is never easy, I think we were late every day! Naps were a bit hit and miss too, which is never fun, but we made it through the week. Back to football today too, which was great until Joshua fell and cut his head on the corner of the wall! Just a little cut, I wasn't at all concerned until I phoned 111 for some advice and she wanted to get him checked at A&E within the hour. Cue panic, Colin has hurt his foot and stayed at home with Daniel, so one of my best friends thankfully came with me (Love you Em!) We waited around for a few hours, got him checked and put my mind at ease, a little glue and he's right as rain.  The worst part was his lack of nap, and the fact it was so hot in there I thought I was going to pass out! 

002. We got to go to a beautiful wedding yesterday. One of my friends from work renewed her vows for their 25th wedding anniversary, so lovely. I took the boys to the church service, which was pretty brave, but they were both so good. I took emergency lollipops, which kept them entertained for the first half, and a few cars and books (Joshua spent the remainder of the time poking his lolly sticks through the holes in The Very Hungry Caterpillar book and giggling like mad!) I dropped them off with Colin after and headed to the party with some friends. It was nice to get out and celebrate, let my hair down a little & have fun with friends. Thanks Deb, for a great night! 

003. A shoutout to my amazing fiancĂ©. Not only did he let me lie in this morning, he let me nap this afternoon AND cooked a roast dinner by himself for the first time. We don't ever do a whole chicken, because it seems a waste, but he'd invited my MiL over & then had to take charge because I was at the hospital. He did an absolutely amazing job, it was delicious! I think he'll be cooking more often! 

004. This week is going to be a little challenging too. Hopefully no emergencies, just a few changes round here. Quite honestly, I don't do very well with change, but I've decided to be positive and embrace it. I started by reorganising our whole kitchen yesterday, to make things for accessible for the boys and easier for me too. Fingers crossed it all goes well. We've got a B theme for our actives this week, focusing on birds and butterflies, after our nature walk last week. Not going to lie, I'm pretty excited. I love feeling prepared, I have about a bazillion lists to get me through the week! 

005. Now, the Sunday Social. Today's questions are about pet peeves and fears!
1. What is your biggest driving pet peeve?
People who drive too fast and cut across lanes. CHOOSE A LANE PEOPLE. My Mama gets pretty bad road rage and I think she's rubbed off on me a little. 
2. What is your biggest blogging pet peeve?
Word verification is the devil! Whyyyyy.
3. What is your biggest shopping pet peeve?
Paying for delivery. Yeah, I'm just cheap.
4. What is your biggest general pet peeve?
Rudeness. Manners don't cost a thing. 
5. What is your most irrational fear?
Moths. Blaming my Mama for this one too. I just hate how flappy they are, birds too. 



Fashion Friday. April Showers.

April Showers.

I have a wedding to go to tomorrow, the forecast is pretty grey unfortunately but I have a feeling my outfit might brighten things up. I have a dress similar to this, that I wore the night I got engaged to Colin, and I'm kind of loving teal and cobalt together. Curls and winged liner should make me feel pretty fancy, if I can manage that with two little hurricanes around! 



Thursday Schmursday.

High tops, H&M // Jeans & jacket, Next // Jake t-shirt & cardigan, Tesco clothing. 

Today sucked ass. Excuse my French. Motherhood is so full of highs and lows. Almost always extreme, to one extent or the other. I felt like I was rocking this gig yesterday - a long nature walk while my baby slept, a visit to Grandma's, everyone ate a healthy dinner & we had fun in the bath before bed. Typically, I don't remember shouting at all. Today was the complete opposite. I forgot my lunch, spent forever tidying the mess that was my downstairs, Joshua woke early from his nap super grouchy, the boys fought while I made dinner, then refused to eat it. It felt like they were screaming non stop for two hours, I have a headache now to prove it. Bath and bedtime were no better, and now I'm sat drowning my sorrows in leftover Easter nest cakes, regretting every decision I made today. I am so thankful that my children are forgiving, that tomorrow is a new day and that they will still love me regardless. I love them more than anything in the whole world, but I make mistakes, like everybody. It's easy to portray, in this cyber world, that we are perfect, but that doesn't always make it believable. I love this blogging community, and find it nothing but inspiring with this mindset. If we were to share pictures of our cluttered kitchens, toys strewn everywhere and children whining, constantly, that would make this a very negative space. I like the happiness, the beauty that is portrayed from my favourite bloggers & instagrammers. Thank you, all, for making me smile. 



Catch the Moment 365. Week Sixteen.

106. I just love how happy Daniel looks in this, apologies if you've seen in before. Green grass, blue skies and big smiles, perfection. 

107. Suspense as Daddy struggles to open yet another toy. A "hula hoop" ramp from Uncle Connor, one of his favourites. 

108. Dancing with Daddy on our breakfast date. Those poached eggs, mmmmm! 

109. Post nap Peppa Pig cuddles in Mama's bed. We had the most glorious two hour nap together.

110. A very pensive Joshua Reg in his Easter best. Babies in bow ties just slay me. 

111. I'm not sure exactly when Joshua started sitting still long enough to listen to a whole story, but it's now one of his favourite things to do. He demands "Ree! Ree!" & it's ridiculously cute. 

112. Real life. Playing cars at Nanny's with my cousin Caitlin. The boys adore her. 

I have literally had the best evening. All my boys were asleep so I snuggled up in bed with my laptop, a Lindt bunny and Made in Chelsea. Watching trashy TV and looking through all my pictures (& backing up my iPhone, again!) is like heaven. I thought Joshua was going to feature a lot this week but Daniel has managed to squeeze in a few, thankfully. I don't ever really set out with an intention of what to photograph, I just grab my camera when I feel like it, so I'm surprised I've managed to keep the subjects pretty even. Daddy made some appearances this week too, which rarely happens as he works so much, so yay. Still coming down from the Easter holiday high and settling back into our routine, the house is a bomb site after a lazy/busy week so I'm slowly getting back into my groove. 

Nurse Loves Farmer



Four Year Old Interview.

Four year old interview.


What's your name? Daniel. 
How old are you? Four.
What makes you happy? When people cuddle me, and when people make me laugh when they do funny faces. 
What's your favourite animal? All of them. 
What's your favourite food? Chips and fish fingers. 
What's your favourite toy? Train tracks and trains and bridges. 
What's your favourite thing to watch on TV? Jake and Bubble Guppies. 
What's your favourite book? Two big ones, the big dinosaur one and the big truck book. And I like to play golf I do.
What's your favourite thing to do outside? Play diggers and trucks and cranes and trucks with no cranes and the circle things to make trucks go side.
Who is your best friend? Five. Maisie, Aiden, Lucas, Jayden and Mohammed.
What do you like to do with Daddy? Paint. 
What do you like to do with Mummy? I like to draw. I like to draw and paint with Daddy and draw and paint with Mummy okay?