Our Week.

My creation

001. I'm getting organised for Daniel's birthday. He's asked for a Cars party, and though I was hoping to avoid characters again it actually makes my life a whole lot easier. I ordered the last bits from Amazon this morning, after a Tesco Party order earlier in the week, so we should be set apart from food. I received our invites in an email today so will sort out getting those printed tomorrow. I don't know if I've mentioned I also want to make a car shaped cake after finding tutorials on Pinterest! Wish me luck! 

002. I went for another run yesterday, my farthest ever and my fastest mile, fist pump! I'm super pumped that I've ordered some new (PINK!) Nike trainers, as mine were my Mama's and pretty darn gross now (I may also have ordered a new sports bra and running tights too... & some funky headbands...) I'm convinced that having pretty shoes will actually help me get out more often, I'm determined my health a priority & trying to feel less guilty about leaving the boys with someone else for half an hour. I'm really inspired by all the Mama's on IG posting their fitness pictures! I want to try a little yoga too, with Joshua waking at 6am I keep promising myself I will be productive in those early hours, perfect timing! 

003. I'm seriously considering oil-pulling. I saw a bunch of pins about it yesterday, read through a couple and was intrigued. Today, a friend posted this blog post to Facebook and I'm almost totally convinced. I needed some more coconut oil anyway (we use it as a nappy cream, a hair mask and sometimes for cooking) so I've ordered some more, organic, to come with out food shopping tomorrow. I suffer with soft and sensitive teeth, so I guess it is worth a try. I am slightly grossed out by the idea, though. 

004. I'm starting a #100happydays project on IG, inspired by a few Facebook friends. I am all over the social media this week. I'll be posting something that makes me happy for the next 100 days, because I'm not doing enough photo challenges. I'm hoping it will help me to find the joy in the little things. Today's was sunshine shadows, we had a really glorious day - a bike ride to football, a nap in the garden and making new friends at Nana's house - sunshine just makes everything better, amiright?! 

005. I really will write up a post about the boys sharing a room soon, but for now I think they need their own hashtag. I'm loving peeking in on them more often, I just went in because Daniel woke up and Joshua's sideways on his bed, feet dangling off! We found Joshua asleep on the floor next to Daniel's bed the other night (pictured) & didn't even hear him! 



  1. Oh oil-pulling sounds interesting, not sure I could do it though.
    The birthday party sounds great, good luck with the cake.
    And well done with your running x

  2. Love that lip color! I miss running - it has been way too cold. May e I need some cute pants for inspiration!

  3. Wow I'd never heard of oil pulling, I think I would just gag :/

  4. I love your hair in the third photo!! It's stunning! Well done on the running!

    Thank you so much for linking up to #TWTWC xx