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I have officially run out of storage on my phone, even after deleting nearly all my apps!! Finally backing everything up onto my laptop so I can delete a few (hundred!) I really do take a ridiculous amount of pictures, I share the pretty ones (as is always the way with social media, amiright?) on IG but I have a whole bunch I don't, like the potty training pictures I am taking everyday, the hundreds of sleeping baby pictures and the blurry dim-lit photos that capture real memories. I share the majority of those here, as I use this little ole blog as a baby book of sorts, a place to share my memories that I can look back on and remember, not just a ton of photos on my hard-drive that I never look at. I really really need to get better about printing photos, or making them into a book, or something. Does anyone (in the UK) have any recommendations or suggestions? 



  1. It great to see everyone posting outdoor pictures! I hope the good weather is here to stay! Lovely pictures #TWTWC

  2. Gosh! My last phone ran out of space - ended up backing everything up on an external hard drive.

    Thank you so much for linking up to #TWTWC xx

  3. Wow so many pictures! Looking very spring like with some seriously yummy looking food! X

  4. Wonderful sunny pics, so jealous of all those pretty rings - having nothing but bad luck with mine lately so nothing but a wedding band on :( xx