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We have gone a little bit mad and made the sudden decision to move Joshua to a toddler bed, in Daniel's room. Last weekend we moved their rooms around a little to accommodate their new wardrobes & mentioned that when they were bigger, they could sleep in the same room. Daniel has been asking almost daily if they can share, and Joshua's been waking up and freaking out at around 5am, for around an hour unless someone is in there with him. I thought maybe if he know Daniel was there he would settle more easily. I also saw a Timehop from two years ago when we moved Daniel out of his cot, and how he'd entertained himself until 9am! I was wondering aloud to Colin, and he took the executive decision to take apart Joshua's cot and move it into Daniel's room! It's either going to go really well or really really badly, we'll soon see! I sat in their room & watched them both fall asleep (my Mama heart needed that after  the reality check that Joshua's not a baby anymore, in any sense - we had a little go at potty training today and took him to his own football class!) but plan on edging further out each day. I had a bath and then thought to pop some blankets on the floor in case Joshua fell out, only to find him fast asleep on the floor! I'm going to get an early night in preparation for a potentially awful one! 


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  1. They look so cute in their adjoining beds! Lots of lovely photos of the two of them :)

    Thanks so much for linking up to #TWTWC xx