Our Week & Weekly Wishes.

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A whirlwind of a week, with not many pictures to show for it. I worked late two days, and had a funeral straight after work one day, so lots of chill out time happened. The weekend really brightened up, my mood and the weather, so hopefully it stays!

My weekly wishes, joining a whole bunch of inspirational and motivating ladies. 

01. Drink four glasses of water a day.
I'm terrible at drinking, so I've decided to try and keep on top of it. I'm on four and a half today, and a hot chocolate, I hope I can keep it up. 

02. Run 5k.
I've missed a few weekend runs now, when I go for longer runs, so I need to get back on that too. 

03. Deep clean the whole house.
I've really let my housekeeping slip the last week, there are piles of washing everywhere, my sides are littered with rubbish and toys, real life yo. A proper spring clean is definitely in order, fingers crossed it's nice again this week so the boys can play in the garden and I can get stuff done. 

04. Two date nights.
I'm feeling a real calling to reconnect with Colin a little more this week, so two nights, no phones, just us and a good film. 

05. Comment on 20 blogs. 
I'm so terrible at commenting on blogs, but I'm really going to make the effort this week. Promise. 

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  1. These are all amazing goals! I'm also bad at remembering to comment on blogs. I need to work on stepping that up too! Also, love the goal to drink more water. I always feel so much better when I opt for water more times than not. Wishing you the best this week!


  2. Awesome goals! I love that you have commenting on blogs. I am kinda bad at that too. Often times, I am reading, but just not making the effort to comment. I really love the friendships I have made with some bloggers!

  3. What great goals! I'm always trying to drink more and comment more as well - some days/weeks are much better than others, that's for sure!

    Good luck with your goals this week!