Eating a popcorn brownie, with salted caramel sauce, cream and chopped nuts. I'm having fun stepping outside the box a little with my snacks, and meals. Earlier I had natural yogurt, with blueberries and a four-seed-mix sprinkled on top, and I'm planning on making my own granola. The boys are getting a lot better at playing together, so I've been taking the time to cook more, which I'm loving.

Reading all the books. Happy World Book Day! We celebrated by doing a lot of reading, in between tidying and making dinner. We dressed up as Buzz and Jesse for school too. Daniel brings home a 'reading book' from nursery now, a book without words, so we've been fitting that into our daily routine - after dinner, before a bath. I've also started reading The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me, by Roald Dahl, to them. It's all over Joshua's head but Daniel's doing surprisingly well, we talk about what has happened before we start, I explain things as we go and then we talk about what we think might happen next. I'm really hoping this helps him develop a love of reading, and obviously we're introducing new language too. I bought the whole Roald Dahl box set, but this was the shortest and simplest, a great start to our foray into chapter books.

Wondering if Joshua's ready for potty training. We're definitely making progress, yesterday he wouldn't even sit on the potty. Today he sat on the potty a whole bunch of times but nothing, until FOUR HOURS after I took his nappy off, I put him in the bath and he went straight away. He must be able to hold it, or is that just a huge coincidence? I know he's still very young, but he's always telling us when he needs changing and really hates taking his nappy off and putting a new one on. He'll clamp his legs shut and make it nearly impossible.  I think it's worth a try, after having at least one kiddo in nappies for nearly four years I'm wearing thin, and to be honest so are the nappies!

Organising our wedding. I really officially booked the church yesterday, paid the deposit and everything! So real now. We need to finalise a guest list next, we talked a little about it at the weekend. I've asked all my bridesmaids, they're discussing the hen do on every available occasion & we're hoping to go dress shopping in the summer. We actually have a fair amount of things sorted, so I'm hoping slow and steady wins the race here.

Laughing at Daniel, he's such a funny kid, even when he doesn't mean to be. Most children watch adverts on TV and want ALL THE TOYS. Daniel, as we were walking home last night, announces "I would really like some shaky-shaky stuff, you put it on your carpet and then you Hoover it, and it's all clean. Could I get that for my birthday?" I couldn't stop laughing!

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  1. Oh goodness! Daniel is just adorable! I'm seriously considering potty traing soon too, especially after Kady went in the bath this evening again!

  2. Your snack choices made me DROOL! There's a brand of yogurt (forgive me I forget!) that sells plain yogurt on one side of the package and mix-ins on the other. One mix-in combo is flax + chia + dried blueberries (I think - haha) anyway it's DELISH and you reminded me of that :) Found you via the Harvesting Kale Linkup! Come enter my moccasin giveaway!! xo Crista @ Hands and Hearts More Than Full