Catch the Moment 365. Week Eleven.

071. Cheeky face brushing his teeth. Another everyday moment. 

072. Counting to ten with Daddy! 

073. Silly faces while we practice with the tripod. Sweeties. 

074. Selfie. Fact, I have about 25 pairs of sunglasses. 

075. Technology overload. iPhone plugged into the laptop uploading pictures, writing a blog post on my iPad and watching TV too. Ridiculous. 

076. Daniel has been learning about space at school, so we made rockets!! 

At the moment I'm really feeling like the days are long and the weeks are fast, is that even possible? I can't believe another week has passed, though days seem to be everlasting sometimes. I'm hoping to unplug a little over the weekend, from my phone and social media.  I will schedule a couple of blog posts but will be spending quality time with my wonderful family, it is so needed. I'm hoping it will push me to pick up my camera more too, rather than just my phone. I am loving seeing everyone's pictures and blog posts, I am the worlds worst commenter so I am so sorry if you don't realise, but I am checking out as many as I can! 

Nurse Loves Farmer



  1. What great photos! I love the cheeky smile while brushing the teeth. And the selfie is awesome!

  2. I love that you can see Colin is sat with you while you're doing your thing... Pete always runs off to sit on his PC playing games and leaves me to it! I don't think he really 'gets it' if I'm honest... I think I'd appreciate the company but at the same time I hate people reading over my shoulder, especially whilst I'm writing.

    Loving the funny faces too :-)