'Valentines' Sensory Rice.

Today I got brave and decided to bust out the Valentines sensory rice (read I had been putting off hoovering for days in preparation & finally got round to it!) I dyed half a bag of Tesco value rice with red food colouring & left it out to dry, then added the other half. I gave the boys some little measuring spoons and a bowl, the had fun pouring the rice between them. Daniel announced he was making a cake so I got some paper cases out but they were quickly discarded, & I had to get another little bowl because hello, they are brothers and not big fans of sharing. Joshua tired of it quite quickly but did keep popping back, and Daniel played for ages, adding diggers when he was done with the 'rice cake'. The best part is, although it was pretty messy & I had to take deep breaths a couple of times, it just vacuumed straight up! 

What are your favourite sensory/messy tray fillers?! 


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