Our Week.

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We've had a rough week. Joshua's been under the weather with a cold type virus that he's been passing back and forth with my Mama. We've discovered headlice in all our heads, again, so we're all smothered in tea tree and olive oil. Gross right. Daniel got conjunctivitis too which, thankfully, seems to be almost gone. We've been wiping it every hour or so with cooled boiled water and I actually used some breast milk too which I read works wonders so fingers crossed. I'm really inspired by all the essential oil posts I'm seeing everywhere, and finding natural remedies for things. We missed out on a birthday party yesterday which I was majorly bummed about but we did make it to football today. I just love watching his skills develop, he's getting so good at kicking, and listening. Joshua was 'scouted' for their younger session (haha!) which will be fun to try out, he loves playing alongside the big kids. 

I'm all giddy about ordering some new makeup, mine's all on it's way out (I emptied two foundations completely this morning and the only ones I have left make me look like an Oompa Loompa!) & Colin offered to buy me some! Boots have a great offer on SEVENTEEN makeup at the moment, 3 for 2, so I'm restocking. I started watching a few YouTube beauty videos and have started contouring, and shaping my brows, so I feel much better about myself. I have terrible skin so I always always have to have makeup on, it's funny how something so little can make you feel so good. I'm thinking about doing a few posts on my skincare/makeup routine, as it's quite important to me. I'm also going to start incorporating some style posts too, shake things up a bit! 

I proposed to all but one of my bridesmaids this week, which was so exciting. Everything feels that little bit more real now! I'm trying to do a little at a time, so it feels less daunting. Next up is writing the guest list and paying the deposit for the church. After that I'll start working on the decor, Pinterest here I come! 

I think I mention Pinterest in nearly every post, every Our Week post at least! 

Speaking of decor, I have some plans for our master bedroom. I've been debating on our living room colours for a while but haven't got anywhere so I've decided to stop thinking about it and focus somewhere else instead. I'd really love a gold polka dot feature wall, and a gallery wall above my dresser, which also needs reorganising - maybe some more storage to stop it getting so messy! To Pinterest! (Insert crying laughing face emoji, which I'm totally obsessed with by the way!) 



  1. Pinterest is just the best for organisational ideas! :-) out of interest, what products do you use to contour? Some tutorials use different shades of foundation under the usual colour and others use bronzes and 'highlighters' over the top of foundation but under loose translucent powder. I. Just. Don't. Get. It. Lol

  2. So many gorgeous photos! We've made conjunctivitis in this house too - it's so horrible :( The worse bit is that they can't understand why their eyes hurt and eyedrops...

    Thanks so much for linking up to #TWTWC xx