Our Week.

My creation

001. Half term is my favourite. Slow mornings, actually making myself breakfast and sitting with the boys rather than rushing around getting everything ready and grabbing a banana as I leave. Hot cross buns, lightly toasted, are my current favourite. And fruit tea, mmm. Play dates, sometimes two a day to fit in all the fun! Watching my boys interact with other children is just awesome. All the arts and crafts, I even made a little half term bucket list and planned all our activities to keep us busy. Bear hunts, Very Hungry Caterpillar snack picnics, and random walks to splash in muddy puddles were highlights. 

002. I took my big little man on a date to the cinema. We saw Tinkerbell and the Pirate Fairy and ate way too much pick'n'mix. He put on a smart shirt and held my hand. Perfect. I've loved our one on one time this week while his brother has slept, fingers crossed we manage to pull Joshua's nap back a little so we can keep it up. It's good for my Mama heart. His too, I'm sure. 

003. After a really productive week housework wise, everything has slipped already. We got the boys new wardrobes on Sunday so our room is full of clothes that don't fit/hundreds of blankets/keepsakes and rubbish. Somehow I forgot about it today, when I could actually have sorted it, especially as we're busy tomorrow. Related, Colin cleared out our shed to get rid of our broken fridge freezer but now everything is in the downstairs toilet. Not ideal. I will get it all sorted. On Thursday. I will. 

004. I cannot believe Daniel is nearly four. I could go on all night, but it's just really snuck up on me, this year is going so fast. I'm coping by obsessively planning his birthday party, browsing online for ALL THE THINGS and then browsing everywhere else for price comparisons, trying to decide how much to DIY and how much will be too much. If I start decorating tomorrow then we'll be fine. Excessive? Maybe. I have also convinced myself to make him a car shaped cake. I'm in over my head. 

005. Choose Happiness. My new mantra. I bought the cutest little dishcloth from H&M and it's really speaking to me. Especially after a tough day today. Selective hearing from my threenager and a rough night courtesy of my smallest didn't make for the best day. Oh well, now I'm listening to BeyoncĂ© and blogging and I feel much better. Tomorrow will be better. 


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