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001. I'm finally getting back into running, and I'm really loving it. I went last week and just ran as far as I could, walked when I needed to and covered 4.42km in 34 minutes, which was the furthest and the fastest I had ever run, ever. I have never been a runner, and after I had Joshua I started the Couch to 5k plan & never finished, I even ran a 5k but I pretty much stopped after that. This year I have only been for 5 runs, but I think I'm finally starting to get a groove. My legs and abs hurt so much after my run last week, I put off going again, plus the weather was awful. Today, however, was clear and bright, and it was determined. After Daniel's football practice I ran home and did a little circuit, making it 4.46km in 32 minutes, again the furthest and fastest I have ever run. I'm crazy proud of myself, and it's lit a fire for sure. I think I'll have to take the boys with me this week, so I won't go as far or as fast, but it's better than nothing. I'm going to pop into town tomorrow (I'm taking Daniel on a little date to see the Tinkerbell Pirate movie at the cinema!) & look for some new trainers too. 

002. Last week was pretty quiet. Valentines fuelled and pretty lazy. We made treats for school, some fun #toddlermeals, and did some cute crafts. A distinct lack of picture this week, with my ten on ten, a post devoted to our bowling trip's picture in the works & a deleting spree on my phone to clear some room. 

003. It's half-term, woohoo. Though the idea of a half term filled with rain and without my parents seems awful, I have a long list of Pinterest ideas to keep us busy and a few play dates planned, so hopefully we don't go too crazy! 

004. Joshua had a THREE HOUR NAP today. That just had to be documented. Daniel slept for over an hour too, and then went to play downstairs with Colin because I had a glorious two hour nap! I think Sundays are officially family nap days, Daniel has fallen asleep on the way to his grandparents' three times now so I think the week and then football is tiring him out. Plus an excuse for me! I'm so exhausted lately, Joshua's just about sleeping through but is waking at 6am & I'm still waking up in the night, like mild insomnia. The weather isn't helping, Daniel came hurtling into our bed last night because the noise of the wind was scaring him, even though his window was shut, and fidgeted for over an hour before we sent him back to his own bed at 5am! It's like the world is against me sleeping! 


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