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We had an alright week. A couple of cancelled play dates, a few films & a poorly babe. I knew we'd get it eventually, everyone else seems to be I'll so it was only a matter of time. Fingers firmly crossed that it doesn't last & that Daniel & I are lucky enough to miss it. Joshua's had a raging fever but is getting really cold, like shivering and going a little blue, really easily so I'm keeping him wrapped up. He desperately wanted to play this morning but could only handle a few minutes before coming to lie back down again. He's also suffering with a reaction to disposable nappies & a funny tummy, probably because of the cold. I'll be trying to speak to a Dr tomorrow if he's no better. 
I did get to see my lovely little godson, AND both the boys napped while we were watching Disney films, on Monday afternoon. Such a great day. We played cinemas, with added snacks and blankets, on Tuesday. We visited my Nan, and my Nana, and saw my cousin too. 
I'm giving Daniel a little extra independence, silly little things like asking him to cut the banana for breakfast & trying him out on his big bike again. He's so eager to help which is so sweet. I'm hoping to do some baking with him this week, and involve him in the actual measuring of ingredients and the tidy-up, like I've never thought to let him help wash up before! 
We had two date nights - a beyond amazing Harry Potter game night & a film night which got interrupted by a little someone. Poor babe had a serious fever and was really screaming & shaking, so I brought him downstairs for the first time ever. He just lay on me and stared into space, sometimes closing his eyes for a bit but then waking with a start. Last night was rough to say the least - Daniel ended up in bed with us too so I've barely slept a wink - so I have been in bed since 8pm! He seemed a little better this afternoon but seemed worse again before bed, we'll just have to see. Prayers would be greatly appreciated. 


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