Fashion Friday. Amateur edition.


I don't usually post outfit photos, because they are nowhere near as lovely as all the other bloggers that I follow - the lighting's off, you can see my messy kitchen and I have a couple of blurry (but cute) photo bombers! But I really liked what I was wearing so I'm kind of thinking, eff it, everyone starts somewhere. I'm excited for spring, some warmer, lighter weather so I can try some outdoor shoots. My neighbours probably already suspect I'm a little crazy, with the horrendous BeyoncĂ© renditions at 8am and the fact I hardly ever remember to open our upstairs curtains before I go to work, they must think we live in darkness! 
I really like the contrast between the tough khaki shirt (that I bought at Uni for a fancy dress night for about three pound!) and the soft, girly chiffon shirt. Skinny jeans are my uniform, these particulars are from H&M and I looove them. Just the right amount of stretch and as of yet, no ridiculous bagginess around the knees (that happens to other people right?! I don't have weird elephant knees?!)


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