Catch the Moment 365. Week Six.

036. Cheese. I think I'm rubbing off on them a little.

037. Snack time. Hot chocolates after a walk in the rain, biscuits and pear slices. I only took two photos, probably because I was busy entertaining!

038. Rice sensory play, Joshua mostly liked to watch. 

039. Shovelling in chocolate buttons as a special treat. 

040. Mama fail, I made pancakes without sugar, eurgh! So we left them out for the birds, Daniel spent a good half hour watching for them.

041. This is probably the closest my boys get to wrestling, it's more like a group hug.

042. Reading while I ran the bath. He's so focused. 

This project is already one eighth completed! Can you tell we've been doing fractions at school?! I'm so proud of myself (& everyone else!) for making it this far. Next week my challenge is to take photos in the natural light every day - I'm off for half term from Friday so no excuses! We'll have the whole day to capture. Hopefully the weather is at least dry so we can get out and about a little, even just to the park. My parents are off to New York & I am SO jealous! Any suggestions for things they just  HAVE to do?!

Nurse Loves Farmer



  1. I love the "wrestling"=group hug, cute and so special to capture! The grin of the cheese of taking each others photos is so cute too!

  2. Oh I love the group hug! Thanks so much for doing this with us!

  3. there is so much exploration in their faces this week!

  4. Love these!

  5. How fun! I think wrestling comes naturally to boys, so I am sure they will get better at it! My boys are 5 and 7, so I have to keep telling them to stop mauling each other!

    I have had some epic cooking failures in my day as well. At least you put the pancakes to good use!

  6. He's concentrating so hard in the reading shot! Love it.

  7. Ha ha. So great about the camera photo! Your backyard looks so nice! Ours is a muddy mess right now.

  8. Good luck on the wrestling, it's only a matter of time before it becomes full on!

  9. I'm a huge penguin fan and am super jealous of your boys in their matchy adorable penguin pajamas!!

    Mason isn't big into wrestling (yet?) either!

  10. Love the first photo- so glad I'm not the only one that buys my children matching pjs ;)

  11. LOL! I've messed up many a recipe by forgetting an ingredient. Loving that he wanted to watch the birds eat your pancakes. Such a cute picture!

  12. What a sweet brother shot in the first picture! Love their matching pjs. Stopping by from Catch The Moment 365