Catch the Moment 365. Week Seven.

043. I'm so confused, I really could have sworn blind that I took photographs of the boys playing on our bed on Wednesday night, but they aren't on my camera so I must have imagined it. My phone is out of battery too so this will have to do. Love the way Daniel's mimicking his Daddy.

044. Oh, my ovaries. Isn't he just the cutest? 

045. An outtake from our Valentines shoot. 

046. Bubbles.

047. This is the exact face I make when I'm concentrating too, tongue poking out. I love that he does it too!

048. Practicing his letters, I'm so proud of him. 

049. Playing with baby Elliot. Daniel really does love babies. 

Poor Joshua barely got a look in this week, which is funny because I would have said I take more photographs of him! I took a ton of pictures this week but found it hard to choose my favourites because I wasn't overly pleased with the quality of them. I played around a little with my settings and trusted the lighting a little too much I think, the sun obviously wasn't as bright as it seemed. Still super excited to learn a little more about my camera, my main aim is to try and avoid the blur of constantly moving subjects!

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  1. Cute pictures, your little guys are so cute!

  2. Oh that baby is just darling! I concentrate the exact same way...and so does Braden!

  3. Them watching the bowling ball is adorable. Such a true captured moment.

  4. I'm so jealous, our bowling alley didn't have a ball ramp when we went last weekend LOL

    Love the V-day outtake and the bath picture! Can't go wrong with bubbles and letters!

  5. Love your pictures! Especially the little guy with his letters. I love the perspective on that one. I need to take my kids bowling again. They think it is so much fun!

    It can definitely be a challenge to photograph kids because they never stop moving! It seems like sometimes I take dozens of pictures before I get one I actually like!

  6. Cute little baby! I do the same thing with my tongue when I'm concentrating and I love seeing him working on his letters!

  7. Great pics! I love to hear someone else say they have holiday 'shoots'. I do those a lot. and there are always more out takes than keepers. =)

  8. Oh that baby picture is great!

    I think your photos look good, especially if you are brave enough to use the manual settings (not like me!). Capturing memories is the most important aspect of taking photos and you're doing a great job in that area.