Our Week.

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001. Less photos than usual this week, I've been trying to switch off a little, only checking my phone when the boys are occupied instead of trying to do so while they're clambering all over me. Instagram is really inspiring to me, but it's hard to put anything like that into practice when I'm glued to my phone all day. I'm also reaching for my camera more because of the 365, which is great as it was part of my New Years goals. 

002. Daniel started his football sessions last week, we only stayed for a little while but this week he did the whole thing and he was awesome. Last time he was a little reluctant to join in without one of us, but today he was so much better! Colin and I were so proud of him, he followed instructions and really tried his hardest, even at the tricky things like dribbling through cones and scoring goals. His little face was an absolute picture when we all cheered for him! We went out just before to get him some new trainers, and he was so excited. We found him some adorable retro Adidas, in his 'team' colours, so I was totally sold! 

003. So far, I've had great success with my list writing and keeping organised. I don't always (ever?!) tick everything off of my to-do list but I do feel like I've accomplished something. I've started a list of the films I've watched this year (three down! & they were all really good actually, especially Olympus Has Fallen!) and some ideas for at home date nights! 

004. I'm excited to get started on some sweet valentines projects this week. I'm also hoping to do a cute photoshoot with the boys, I've finally found a wall in my house without anything on so I'll check the lighting tomorrow & get started, I'm thinking a wall of hearts! I've been pinning like mad, all these ideas, Daniel's been asking to do painting and baking and things recently which makes me smile, today we made cookies for Grandma!

005. Have a great week! 


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  1. They are so cute!! That's awesome that your older one is warming up to football so quickly. My daughter took forever to want to participate and actually follow instructions in her dance and swim classes.