Our Week. Or two.

My creation

My creation

001. A two week catch-up. Though I was adamant I had done one last week. Christmas just totally threw me for days, so there's lots to share. All our Christmas activities, lots of selfies and sleeping baby pictures galore.

002. As you have probably noticed, my blog has had a facelift! Isn't it beautiful! I wanted something simple and pretty, but not too girly, and this is just perfect! I found Kotryna Bass Designs through Etsy and am so, so impressed. She is lovely, reasonably priced and even installed everything for me, easy peasy! Thank you so much Kotryna! What a fantastic name too! I've also changed the URL here, to beescircus.blogspot.co.uk, so many of my links to old posts don't work anymore, but I'm hoping to fixe that tomorrow. If you find any random old ones, please let me know! My old URL does still work, and will have a link to here, but please update however you read blogs (I believe you have to re-follow through bloglovin too, boo!) Thank you!

003. I've been having so much fun with the boys the last few weeks, lazing around in our pyjamas, watching a million films, building duplo, racing cars and doing a slow spring clean while they play. Daniel's excited to go back to nursery and Joshua just adores his Nanny so that makes going back to work that bit easier, though the mornings are going to be tough! I'm thinking about structuring our time at home a little more, and am intrigued by the Montessori concept, if you have any great links to share please do!

004. I have been for one short run and have done one short yoga session this week, well you have to start somewhere right? I really honestly was planning on running today but I woke up and felt awful, and it was raining really hard, so that didn't happen. Fingers crossed the weather is better tomorrow. Colin's decided we should do an ab workout together too, sheesh! I think it'll be fun though, a bonding experience, so any recommendations for that too please!

005. I have 5 days under my 365 'belt', I have a project 52 family photo on my camera, I have finished my blog overhaul (except for a few kinks), and am sleep training Joshua. I have half written my personal statement for Uni and Daniel's earned a dozen marbles in the last few days. Even Joshua is responding well to the positive praise for doing as he is asked! I know we have barely started the year but I'm excited that I'm working on my resolutions, fingers crossed I keep it up! I have met a bunch of wonderful bloggers through the 14 things//in 2014 project, I'm excited to support and encourage each other. Same with the Catch The Moment 365 group, I have learnt so much already from the other ladies, and can't wait to cheer each other on through the year!


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  1. it was a pleasure to work with you! the blog looks great and I'm happy to be a part of this! x