Oh, 2013!

I wasn't even going to do a 2013 recap post. I've seen a hundred and while I've read them all with a smile, I wasn't sure I had anything worth writing about, until I started. Sure I didn't have a pregnancy or a baby to announce last year (for the first time in four years!) but my heart is full with my boys. We haven't experienced any MAJOR losses or wins, just pottering along, perfectly happy (90% of the time). Just living life really, and I wouldn't change a thing. So, what kind of blogger would I be if I didn't?!
Well, 2013 was a blast. Last year saw the first year in our house, Joshua's first experience of snow, Daniel turning THREE (with a pirate party!), a sweet family holiday to Center Parcs, Mama returning to work after a year's maternity leave, Joshua turning ONE (with a rainbow party) and learn to walk, a fun holiday with Nanny and Grandad to Cornwall (1/2/3), Daniel starting nursery school the boys' first trick or treating experience, my gorgeous godson making his arrival , the best Christmas EVER, and ended with a fifth anniversary celebration (pizza and pink fizz were involved!)
I completed a whole year of the 52 project too.
I might even go as far as to say this was the best year yet, watching my boys grow and learn together, watching their sweet brotherly bond form, alongside my best friend, what more could I ask for? We have our ups and downs, like everyone, but I couldn't be happier at the moment.
Please link me to your 2013 posts in the comments, I'd love to read them!


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  1. I love you and your gorgeous family Beth, you were the second Mummy blogger I ever followed and I love reading about what you get upto and seeing the photographs of your beautiful family. I don't want to sound cheesy but what the heck, you are my *mummy* inspiration, i.e. the mummy I look upto the most and relate to, possibly because we're similar in age, but you inspire me and I get a lot of family or blogging ideas from you. In short, you're amazing! I hope you four have a fabulous 2014, you deserve it! xxx