Catch the Moment 365. Week Two.

008. Date night!! A sweet little Italian place with delicious food. 
009. Reenacting Planes. 
010. Still trying to convince J not to break all the train tracks! 
011. Laughing at his Godfather, holding his new Simba. 
012. Football training excitement! 
013. This pretty much sums up how Daniel feels about babies, especially Thomas! 
014. Strange bedtime pals, a plastic tub & a wooden giraffe.

Still going, learning a little about editing every week and experimenting with perspective a little more. Undecided about whether I'll try and use the theme each week or just continue winging it, especially because some days we're a mad rush in the mornings and then out all day till bedtime. I'm still a little nervous about carrying my camera around all the time, but I am taking it out more when I think there will be something worth photographing, like when we went to see my Nana last weekend (though none of them turned out very well as I didn't want to use the flash in case I disrupted anyone, oh well.) I'm glad I'm using my camera more, anyway, and will be looking at my photography class this week for sure. Thank you to everyone that popped over and commented last week, it means so much to me! Every comment made me smile!

Nurse Loves Farmer



  1. Photo 9 is really cool!!

  2. Cuteness, complete cuteness!! My personal fave this week though is the reenacting planes hehe

  3. Ahh i'd been wondering where your blog had gone and I've found you again :)

  4. I really love the perspective in the photos from the 9th and 10th. All in all though, I like them all - what a cute collection this week!

    It looks like our boys are really close in age - Mason must be about two weeks older than Daniel!

  5. Great pictures! I'm still undecided about the theme too. I might try to get one picture for the theme each week, but when chaos ensues, the theme might have to disappear!

  6. My daughters are doing the fight over train tracks too... 4 yr old builds, 1 yr old destroys.

  7. Don't you two look so nice and fancy on your date night! also train tracks are definitely a boy mom necessity!

  8. Broken train tracks are the only way to play trains. And bedtime pals is so odd. Mine do that too. From belts to cups to baby wipes to cloth diapers to shoes. I just don't get it sometimes.