"A portrait of my family, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Friday night is family pizza night in our house, Colin's not often home early enough for dinner so Fridays are pretty special. We make pizza, garlic bread, salad & sometimes onion rings and breaded mushrooms! The boys are finally getting more adventurous with their food choices, Joshua actually ate three slices yesterday, I'm sure that kiddo is having a growth spurt! We talk about our days (even though I always rolled my eyes when my parents asked me about mine) & Daniel always tells us how much he missed us when he was at nursery/asleep. It's one of those little, simple things that I look forward to all week, not just because I love pizza! 

Inspired by the wonderful Jodi, from Practising Simplicity

Last week, my favourite had to be those muddy puddles and amazing blue eyes from The Yaegerpack.


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  1. Ah what a sweet photograph! I love how Joshua is looking at the pizza like, "Dude, I am so going to eat right now", and Daniel is chatting away :)