14 things for '14.


To be completely honest, I am always quite sceptical of 'New years resolutions', and have often laughed at all the statuses on Facebook etc claiming that 2014 will be all 'New year, New me' because I know that most people's resolutions will only last a week or so, and then they'll go back to their old ways. When Pixiee at The Glambulance tagged me in a post about 14 in 2014, I got thinking. I had a few 'resolutions' (the first four on this list) but once I started thinking i realised I had loads of things I wanted to do this year, and it only took me about ten minutes to write this list! Last year I failed pretty miserably at my goals, but I'm hoping number 11, organisation, will help me to succeed. Here are my 14 things in '14.

01. 365 project. Something I have always longed to do but was too scared to start. This year is the year. I already take (at least) a photo a day with my phone, but I'd like to start busting out my real camera. A couple of wonderful ladies have started a link up and Facebook support group so I'm pretty hopeful!

02. 52 project. I know, I said I didn't think I would, but I've given in. It was just such a wonderful project to be a part of, I'd regret it if I didn't! I'm thinking a family portrait, I was reluctant to because Colin's only home one or two days a week and I thought I'd often forget, but I've decided that I won't make a big deal about whether he's in it or not. The most important things to me are getting in the picture myself, and documenting the boys growth.

03. Budget. No impulsive spending is my aim. If I want something, to write it down and think about it. My main downfall is clothes, or trips to town. I'm going to take full advantage of online shopping, so I don't have to do the latter, and avoid buying new clothes at all. Our wardrobes are fit to burst, so I'm ignoring all the sales and discount codes, to save instead.

04. Yoga & running. I was going to start with 'Getting fit' but it was just too cheesy. That's my main aim though. I'm going to invest in some new trainers with the money my brother gave us for Christmas so I'm hoping that will kick start me into action. I'm also looking at a jogging stroller/pushchair tomorrow in the hopes I can start taking the boys with me (Daniel on his bike or scooter, he's pretty speedy on those things and to be perfectly honest, I'm not very fast!) so that won't be an excuse any more. I've also downloaded a yoga app, another thing I've always wanted to try and with this life overhaul I seem to be having now is the perfect time.

05. Blog redesign. I have already started this, as you may have noticed from Twitter/IG. I'm going all out, new look, new name, e-mail address, Facebook page, the works. I was hoping to have it all ready for the new year but got a little sidetracked... I really love this little part of the internet so I'm going to start showing it some love.

06. Related, be a better blogger. More blog interaction, reading, comments etc. One of the main reasons I blog is for the sense of community and the relationships I've made through it, I've met some wonderful people online & want to continue to do so! I'd like this little blog to grow and I'd like to keep meeting lovely people, so I'd better get myself out there!

07. Studying. I'd like to continue with the photography course I started a few weeks back, and use what I learn to help with the first two things on this list. I'm also planning on going back to University in September, to study to be a teacher part-time. It's going to be a big culture shock for me, and yet another plate to juggle but it's what I've always wanted to do.

08. Sleep train Joshua. I'm almost determined on this, but give me the year! I'm so tired from 18 months of poor sleep that even with the best will in the world, when he wakes I just bring him into bed with me. Which would be okay if he slept properly then. I'm tracking his sleep this week, as suggested by Elizabeth Pantley (The No-Cry Sleep Solution: Gentle Ways to Help Your Baby Sleep Through the Night), then it's on. I like the idea that he won't be crying it out, but I wonder if he is too stubborn for this approach too. Only time will tell.

09. Reconnect with Colin. I bought him the book Our Q and A a Day: 3-Year Journal for 2 People for Christmas, to start us off. It's difficult when by the time he gets home and the boys are in bed we're both exhausted, but I'm pretty determined. I'm also planning a date a month for us, and a weekly at-home date night, iPhones will be banned!

10. Wedding planning. We're not getting married until August 2015 but I'd like to try and sort as much as a can this year, to leave less to stress over next year. We already have a dress, a photographer and a reception venue to tick off our list, so we're getting there. We have a pretty low budget, so I'm doing most of it myself rather than paying extortionate prices for things like cake and hair, and roping in favours wherever we can.

11. Organisation. I've written an evening planner (Photography on a Thursday, date night on a Friday, etc), and a cleaning schedule (one room a day makes things seem manageable) I'm mid-way through a spring clean of the house, buying shelves and storage for all the new toys and sorting through paperwork for our new filing cabinet. I've ordered a 2014 diary to help me stay on top of things, so fingers crossed!

12. Operation Domestic Goddess. On top of the cleaning schedule, I want to cook one new, from scratch meal a week. I love cooking but often find excuses, especially with us all being so fussy! Mexican is on the menu for next week! I'd like to utilise our slow cooker more too, send me all your favourite recipes!

13. Positive parenting. Starting with reading Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids: How to Stop Yelling and Start Connecting. I'd like to start using the marble/reward jar again, and maybe even find something similar for Joshua. I love the idea of praising the good but I always get so caught up with other things I forget! Bad Mama. This has to change, otherwise our behaviour won't either, and I say our because I have made some bad choices too. Keeping them busy and entertained will play a big part in this too.

14. Family dates. Once a week, at least. Even just a walk, being more purposeful with our time all four of us. I'd love to take the boys back to the zoo too, and to the Natural History Museum.

Have you made any New Years resolutions/goals? Link me in the comments, I'd love to see if we have anything similar on our lists!



  1. Great list! You have a few on there that I can relate to as well :-) I do quite a bit of slow cooking and when I can I post or pin my recipes, which incidentally is going on my list!
    Argh reading this and Pixee's list is making me agitated, I just want my laptop to let me do mine!

  2. Great ones! I completely forgot about blog design on mine. I am ready for a new one too!

  3. You have some amazing goals. I can't believe I've only just stumbled across you blog - off to subscribe.

  4. great goals, I am going to be doing project 52 too

    anna (intheplayroom)

  5. Operation Domestic Goddess commenced in our house today when I bought a steam mop in the sales, fingers crossed for both of us in our cleaning goals! Good luck with your list xx