Catch the Moment 365. Weeks 51 & 52.

351. Meeting the man in red. 

352. Gingerbread house, I was surprised at how much we all loved this! 

353. Goodnight hugs with Daddy.

354. Earning his bread and putter. Lol.

355. A crafty afternoon.

356. Coffee and crayons, standard.

357. My little elves.

358. Christmas Eve takeaway and family film night.

359. Christmas King, fresh from a nap.

360. Boxing Day presents!

361. Child-free breakfast in bed. Perfection.

362. The best swing ever at Center Parcs.

363. Two sleepy boys on the way home!

364. Racing brothers.

365. Xbox-ing boys, playing Lego Marvel.

I can barely contain my excitement at having finished this project. I thought I was totally over it so I'm surprised at how giddy it has made me. I had a rethink about doing it again next year, while searching for other photography projects but I really just don't have the time. I'll still probably take photos every day, on my phone, and I found a couple of other challenges to do too, to inspire my photography. I'd still like to be a part of the group, to support everyone else taking part. I don't really feel like I've 'learnt' much taking part in this project, except how time consuming editing is! I've just sort of blundered through it, not doing much differently from what I usually would, taking pictures but not really thinking about them and this was always an afterthought. Maybe next year I'll have learnt to juggle my time a little better and I can try again. Good Luck to everyone doing a 365 next year, I'm almost a little jealous.



Christmas at the Circus.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Day!

Boxing Day

Just a couple of videos from our holidays; celebrating with as many family members as we possibly could, eating a lot of amazing food and smiling a lot too. Christmas is such a magical time, even more so this year with the boys! They were well and truly spoilt, we are still finding homes for all their new things and we are so grateful, thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate! I hope you had a wonderful week, celebrating in whatever way made you happy!



Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas from my family, to yours. I hope you are having the most wonderful day, with your favourite people eating delicious food, celebrating Jesus. 



Catch the Moment 365. Weeks 49 & 50.

337. Making salt dough ornaments for the tree. 

338. Writing letter to Father Christmas.

339. Friday Film in our onesies. 

340. Golfin'

341. Just one of those days.

342. Reading with Nanny. 

343. Decorating Grandma's tree.

344. I can never resist a sleeping baby.

345. Mr Grumpy reading before bed.

346. Decorating our salt dough ornaments with lots of glitter!

347. Meeting Father Christmas!

348. Getting his medal at football!

349. My little artists.

350. Matching pyjamas and Alien Christmas books FTW.

Yes, I'm a week behind. Next week I'll post another two weeks worth and then it'll all be over! Sob! I started searching Pinterest for photography projects at 6am this morning, and it's made me reconsider doing this again next year. I just don't knoww. I love the idea of capturing the little moments, though with work, uni, the boys and reading, will I really have the time? I'm planning on starting a link up next year encouraging parents to get in the picture, and to take pictures of one another, because I for one barely have any photos with the boys that aren't selfies, so I figure I'll bug Colin once a week - maybe his photography will improve too! I'd also like a little more original content here, rather than just photos, so that's another one for the con list. I do take photos daily anyway, but I have also met some amazing people through this project. Will someone please just make this decision for me?!



Life Lately.

My creation

Another crazy busy week, though aren't they all? Especially this time of year! We survived the last week of term, barely, and with bags under our eyes. Fingers crossed the boys catch up on their sleep this week so I can too, we're not off to the best start! I got a wonderful glimpse of life as a SAHM on Thursday, as I didn't have uni so I got to take Joshua to his pre-school party and catch up on housework while he napped. He had the best time, running around with his friends and meeting Father Christmas! We crossed a few more things off our advent activity list, Colin's work do was Friday night so we got all fancied up but I didn't take any photos (or video!), nor at our Secret Santa party Saturday night! Blogger fail, right there. 

I still cannot believe it's Christmas this week! I feel so disorganised, despite being so festive for the last few weeks. The next few nights are for wrapping and Baileys, and our days will be spent making gifts for friends to a Christmas music soundtrack. Winning! 

Linking up with the lovely Hannah for The Week That Was Captured. 



Christmas Traditions.

I am having so much fun with Christmas this year. Both boys are really 'getting it' this year, and not just because they want every toy under the sun. In fact, they've each asked for three things and haven't really wavered from what they wrote to Father Christmas for, which is pretty great (for my bank balance) We already have SO many toys, we're really trying not to go over the top this year. We're going with a Marvel theme, as the boys are obsessed with superheroes, and the popular 'something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read' idea.

I wrote up an advent list this year, and put an activity in each drawer for each day. I was a little ambitious with that, some days we've done three of them and some days we've done zero, but it's kept us all entertained. I've started using the hashtag #beescircusadvent if you'd like to see what we're up to on IG. Writing Christmas cards, baking cookies, Christmas colouring and festive films have all been on the list!

We always put the tree up as a family, even though in my parents' house my brother always sat and watched while glued to a screen, and Colin seems to have taken that role in our house. I went for a simple, gold theme this year, though I am lusting after a white tree with multicoloured baubles! There is tinsel everywhere, but a surprisingly small amount of glitter!

We made salt dough ornaments this year, the first without handprints but they were just getting ridiculously large! I let the boys go to town decorating them with paint and glitter, though kept them on baking trays lined with foil and the mess was pretty minimal!! Win.

This year was the first year we took the boys to see Father Christmas, we saw him last year at school fetes and toddler parties but at the weekend we took them to a local garden centre with a whole winter wonderland set up, it was adorable and definitely added to the magic! We saw a panto the next day with Daniel and there was a Father Christmas there, D immediately noted he 'wasn't the real one, because he wasn't wearing glasses' so I busted out the 'he needs some helpers' approach and he didn't seem phased. He's too clever sometimes.

I like to get the boys an ornament for the tree every year, I love the idea of personalised ones but haven't been organised enough yet. I want to let them choose their own this year, maybe another trip to a garden centre is in order!

That's a pretty long list, though I guess it just goes to show how much I love Christmas! We do a book advent too (though, mostly with books we already own, it doesn't dull the excitement at all!) and new pyjamas for December and Christmas Eve (bought in the January sales at the beginning of the year!). My Nan has paid for us to go to a pantomime on Christmas Eve too, hopefully that will become a tradition, I love a panto!

What are your Christmas/holiday traditions?!



Make every moment count.


This quote really spoke to me tonight. I'm trying to be intentional about drawing, keeping a sketchbook in my bag and drawing in it as often as possible, like a journal. I used to love drawing, but I've barely had any practice since school, and as it's one of the few things I can do with the boys too I'd really love to devote more time to it. I may have spoiled myself with some new pens from a Black Friday deal too, which always helps!

Spending this evening curled up on the sofa, blogging and commenting on blogs, listening to random Spotify playlists. Monday is usually a 'study' evening, so this feels really rebellious but I'm giving myself a little break as we finished the semester last week. I'm determined to sort out our master bedroom tomorrow night, a major clear out and tidy up needs to happen. I'm contemplating a capsule wardrobe for the new year, any advice or tips greatly appreciated. Hey Natalie Jean is my main inspiration (in life in general but that's another story!) plus the whole de-cluttering approach is really appealing to me, especially with all the mess we have constantly lying around!



Life Lately.

My creation

So much advent fun this week, I am loving it! Putting up Christmas trees left right and center, making ornaments, visiting Father Christmas and his elves at a local garden center. Daniel had his first pantomime experience, Aladdin at school and Jack and the Beanstalk today. Christmas music has been playing non-stop, thank you Spotify! I've been vlogging all week again, if you fancy a look! Cookies, gingerbread and Christmas card-making on the agenda next week, plus hair cuts and Christmas parties this weekend! 



Ten on ten. December 2014.

photo 1 (44)
photo 3 (18)
photo 5 (7)
photo 3 (19)
photo 5 (8)
photo 2 (43)
photo 4 (12)
photo 3 (23)
photo 1 (48)

Wednesday. A day for early starts and healthy breakfasts. For working too many hours, marking assesments. For lots of coffee. For putting up Nanny and Grandad's tree with a Baileys in hand and the philosophy of 'No branch goes untouched'. For tantrums about ornaments. For pizza and garlic bread dinner. For drawing snowmen with my littlest (Can you see it? The face is at the top, two eyes and a mouth!) For vlogging, blogging and drawing the night away, though I should be reading textbooks. 

ten on ten button



Sunday Edition.

Every Sunday for the Sunday Edition

What is Sunday Edition?A Sunday Edition post is a single image that represents your feelings for mental state for that week.  It can make you feel happy, nostaglic, inspired, etc... as long as it makes you feel something.
No words are used on Sunday Edition posts -- the image speaks for itself.
After all, a picture can say a thousand words.



Life Lately.

My creation

Pictures are few and far between this week, because I've been focusing on vlogging instead. It's really fun to capture the things we've been up to, however mundane, in  a different way. Plus, with it getting so dark so early it's harder to take pictures! 
These pictures basically imply that we have spent all week in our onesies being very festive, which isn't far from the truth to be honest. Though, most of them were taken Friday afternoon-Saturday morning. We've written letters to Father Christmas (Joshua's said "Bring me presents, please" and I insisted on the manners, and Daniel's said "I love you". Chalk and cheese these kids), written Christmas cards, baked cookies and made salt dough ornaments that we are yet to paint because it's so damn cold they haven't fully dried out yet. I'm very disappointed in the weather, I'm almost okay with it being cold outside but inside is just ridiculous. I am actually wearing thermal leggings and a scarf right now. 
I'm thinking of posting the books we have had so far in our advent, would that be of interest to anyone? I have a lot of reading but only one assignment to do for Uni for January so I'm hoping to give this little place some TLC this week. 



Catch the Moment 365. Week 46, 47 & 48.

316. Dinovember apparently took over my creativity this month...

317. The boys LOVE their new bunk beds! 

318. Daniel is coming along SO well with his reading, I am so proud!

319. Lille gigglers.

320. Brotherly love at golf.

321. Pulling funny faces at Uncle Connor over Facetime.

322. Playing games at Grandma's.

323. Got my hair did.

324. Those pyjama bottoms fit him last month, kiddo's finally growing!

325. Friday Film - Planes!

326. Kiddo was having a rough night, but I just can't resist those rosy cheeks!

327. Brothers in a boat.

328. OOTD.

329. Breakfast. Strawberries and jam on fresh bread.

330. Roar.

331. Matching jammies and storybooks. Perfection.

332. A particularly sweet morning.

333. Cheeky little biker.

334. Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!

335. Writing Christmas cards by himself this year.

336. Somebunny stole Mama's hat.

Only 29 more photos to go! How is that even possible. Nearly a whole year of taking a photo a day, capturing the everyday moments for a whole year. 

I've decided I'm probably not going to take part in this project next year. It has been so much fun, but especially towards the end has gone off the rails a little. The plan was to take a photo with my big camera every day (all of the above have been taken with my iPhone) and to post them every week (and there are three weeks' worth. Ooops) I'm just not making the effort to capture anything special, I'm just using photos I have taken. Realistically, with Uni and work and the boys, I don't have time for all the uploading and the editing, and getting out my big camera everyday just isn't happening, I'll still take photos every day with my iPhone, and share them to Instagram no doubt, but not as part of this project. I wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone in the group, everyone who has read a 365 post or taken the time to write a comment, it means so much to me. Instead of a 365, I'm going to focus on a 52 project, one photo of each of the boys a week, with my big camera. Hopefully that will be more manageable, and enjoyable too. 

Nurse Loves Farmer