713. Our Week.

My creation

001. We had a fun& festive filled last week at school. I watched Daniel's super sweet Nativity play, twice, he was just signing but they all did a great job! Daniel got to watch a pantomime too, and do a bunch of Christmas crafts. I spent four days making giant paper mâché Christmas puddings and fingerprint reindeer cards! & now we're out for two weeks, woohoo!

002. We made reindeer food for Daniel's friends at nursery, it's important to me to teach him the joys of giving, not just receiving. I figured the kiddos probably get enough sweets and chocolate, and wanted something inexpensive, so oats, coloured sugar and glitter went into cellophane bags and tied with a little note saying "Sprinkle this reindeer food outside tonight, The moonlight will make it sparkle bright, As the reindeer fly and roam, This will guide them to your home." They loved it, and I can't wait to put ours out tomorrow night!

003. Joshua's sleeping is still not great. I have grand plans on implementing some of the tips from the book I read last week, but I keep waking up with him in our bed & no recollection of bringing him in! I think I'm just too tired, especially with him waking up at 4am this morning and not sleeping again until 6! I just can't feed him at that time anymore, he doesn't feed properly and it's too painful, so Plan B it is. I'll probably write another update post soon too.

004. I cannot believe how close it is until Christmas! I'm pretty ready, I have our Christmas Eve pyjamas and film ready, and we're seeing the boys' godmother in the evening before I pop out for a drink with friends. I have a some of last minute deliciousness to sort in the kitchen but I need to pop to the shop for margarine and it's been raining all day so I was avoiding it! I've been wrapping, finished it tonight while watching The Santa Clause and drinking Baileys. SO CHRISTMASSY!

005. Happy Christmas Eve Eve!

Lots of Love
Momma B

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