705. Our Week [109]

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001. We are not the healthiest household at the moment. Both the boys started the week with coughs so I took them to the Dr, after a half hour wait we were told it was only viral (you may have seen me rant on Twitter, I am still buying my own stethoscope!) and to expect another week. Well, Daniel's seems better but Joshua is worse, though their noses are both running like taps. He's so miserable, uncontrollable crying & he's so tired but struggling to sleep. Calpol is taking the edge off I hope but he's barely eating, fingers crossed he feels better soon. Colin's been moaning all week about feeling ill too, and now I'm feeling all sinus-y. I'm exhausted too, J has been up half the night for the last few days, sad face.

002. We've been Christmas-ing it up though, to take our minds off things! We've started our advents & the boys have been getting so excited about their special books and chocolates! Christmas music has been basically non stop, the house is covered in tinsel & I've been burning a delicious spiced apple candle all week! We have written letters to Father Christmas, made & decorated salt dough ornaments (OH MY LIFE THE GLITTER!! I let J loose with a pot or three, it kept him happy and quiet, but jeez Louise, it's everywhere!!), baked cookies, written Christmas cards & even watched a seasonal Bob the Builder this morning (while I attempted a cheeky ten minutes of extra sleep, fail.) Thanks to Pinterest I have a ton more ideas lined up too!

003. I went out out for our work Christmas 'do on Friday, dinner at our local pub & a disco. I haven't laughed so hard in a long, long time! I ate the hugest pie I have ever seen and drank a little too much Prosecco, then threw some shapes on the dance floor with some of my favourite people. I had a housewarming to go too, and was reluctant to leave, but I'm glad I did. More of my favourite people, cookies and more dancing! The best Friday night for a while!

004. This weekend was a good 'un all round really. Colin took us to see the giant Christmas tree in town before heading to my parents' for brunch yesterday. Family naps happened, which always makes a weekend great. The boys and I helped decorate my parents' tree last night, while Colin was out at his work 'do, complete with Baileys and Celebrations. We saw Colin's Grandparents for brunch today & exchanged gifts, my Christmas jumper has had a right workout. Speaking of which, GAP got me again with their discount, I ordered Daniel a Christmas jumper, and a new coat for J too. I have grand plans for a spending ban next year, wish me luck!

005. More festive cheer, visits to Grandma & to see my lovely godson, as well as a de-clutter and clear of the house on the to-do list this week. I'm hoping if I write it here I'll actually do it. I did do my bedside already, so that's a start! The power of positive thinking, that's my motto for the week!

Lots of Love
Momma B

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